13th generation PowerEdge Servers

13th generation PowerEdge Servers

This course will give you an overview of PowerEdge 13G. You will be able to:

• Understand the emergent IT trends and the resultant challenges they throw up for IT administrators and businesses
• Describe how Dell uses its position in the IT marketplace to respond to the challenges being faced by customers
• Explain the various server architectures classified under PowerEdge 13G
• Understand the technology innovations that Dell is deploying to support its PowerEdge 13G strategy to deliver productivity, agility, manageability and resilience
• Understand the circumstances when customers might select different 13G platforms to support their operational and workload needs



  • Yasar Arafath

    5 Jul 2016


  • Bob Palmer

    28 Jun 2016

    Good, to the point. Some familiarity might be needed to fully understand the different concepts within the 13G PowerEdge Servers.

  • Murray Zaetl

    8 Jun 2016

    Useful introduction to Dell's 13th generation server solutions.

  • Musheer Emad

    23 May 2016

    Thank you

  • Excelente

  • Anonymous

    26 Apr 2016

    It is extremely vital for those in the IT and Computer Tech Industry.