Data and storage management



This overview covers many of the key features of the Dell EqualLogic PS Series storage line and describes how these can be of significant benefit to your IT business operations:

• Today's Business Issues
• Advantages of the PS Series
• Benefits to your organisation
• Dell EqualLogic PS Series Portfolio



  • Eric FASSONE

    29 Nov 2016


  • Steve Mack

    18 Nov 2016

    Content, okay but light on specifics and heavy on generalities. Klunky controls - cannot pause. Insists on restarting if it loses focus, which happens for interruptions like emails, etc., then when it restarts it repeats the potentially lengthy SECTION I'm in fromt he beginning, instead of going back to the screen I was on, so I have to run through pointless repeated info. On the Storage Consolidation training module, at the end when I clicked on the indicated button to Close Training, it displayed the "Closing training, Plase wait..." message and the bar cycles for 5 minutes so I gave up and killed it. On the Equalogic training module this seemed to work better, closing promptly, but then popped up a dialog stating that I had not completed the module and did I want to return to it or continue it later. I had to go back to the end and terminate it again to make it happy.

  • Josue Arias Escalante

    11 Nov 2016

    excelente los conocimientos impartidos.

  • Anonymous

    7 Nov 2016


  • Anonymous

    1 Nov 2016

    Great Training os Equallogic

  • Alberto Danin

    4 Aug 2016

    Eu já conhecia o produto Equalogic inclusive adquiri em uma tomada de decisão de um projeto no qual participei em 2011/2013. O curso foi bem proveitoso e pude conhecer a evolução tecnológica que o produto avançou nestes últimos anos. muito bom o curso eu Recomendo.