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Dell security solutions

Dell security solutions

Dell's e-learning programme investigating security will be looking at the following:

• The challenges faced in delivering robust security
• How the threat landscape has changed
• The types of threats and their purpose
• How to design a security strategy to defend against known and unknown threats
• The functions of different types of security solution
• How Dell can support your security strategy



  • Renato Sarmento

    4 May 2016


  • Muito bom!Informações relevantes!

  • Elton Simões

    2 May 2016

    Excelente curso.

  • Muito interessante.Vale a pena fazer esse treinamento.

  • Anonymous

    29 Apr 2016

    Muito interessante a forma de apresentação do curso. Didática e bem elaborada.

  • Anonymous

    26 Apr 2016

    bonne formation explicite claire merci