Data and storage management

Storage consolidation

Storage consolidation

The industry drivers behind storage consolidation:

• What storage consolidation means
• The high level terminology used in describing storage consolidation
• The methods used in storage consolidation to increase availability
• How storage consolidation makes it more efficient to protect data
• How storage utilisation is increased by consolidating storage
• The hardware and management tools Dell deploy in the storage consolidation market
• The benefits of consolidating your storage
• How you can receive support to plan for and implement storage consolidation



  • Jose Estrada Solis

    26 Feb 2015

    despite i was talking with some vendors about some dell technologies, now i realized dell have been developing their solutions and now are more attractive.Unfortunately, my former company wasn´t available to invest... I hope in the future i could work with some of that technology.

  • Jimmy Munyenyembe

    25 Feb 2015

    very helpful

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    24 Feb 2015


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    10 Feb 2015

    very useful

  • Steven Pearson

    7 Feb 2015

    That really was useful as I am completely new to the subject..

  • Isaías Weber

    2 Feb 2015

    Very good and informative training.