Transitioning to a server

Transitioning to a server

Below are the course objectives you will have an understanding of on completion of this course:

• To assess if your business is ready to benefit from a server
• How introducing a server helps empower your employees
• What a server does and how it differs from a PC
• How to make an initial assessment of a suitable server specification
• What to consider when deploying a server
• How Dell can help support the decision making and implementation processes



  • Muito bom o treinamento básico, recomendo!

  • Pamela Etu

    22 Jul 2014

    Has some good stuff in it. Could use "for further information" links.

  • Anonymous

    22 Jul 2014

    Accurate but imcomplete. Overlooks the cloud-based options that exist today as well as the 2012 Server software.

  • magnifico

  • Silas Paixao

    19 Jul 2014

    Muito bom, com introdução esta excelente.

  • maria monroy

    17 Jul 2014

    Muy interesante para comenzar a pensar en la compra de un servidor