Transitioning to a server

Transitioning to a server

Below are the course objectives you will have an understanding of on completion of this course:

• To assess if your business is ready to benefit from a server
• How introducing a server helps empower your employees
• What a server does and how it differs from a PC
• How to make an initial assessment of a suitable server specification
• What to consider when deploying a server
• How Dell can help support the decision making and implementation processes



  • Sergio Barragan

    28 Aug 2014


  • Anonymous

    26 Aug 2014

    Fantastic. Very easy to learn

  • Marcelo Dias de Lima

    23 Aug 2014

    Éxcelente !!! Muito didático.

  • Anonymous

    22 Aug 2014

    Muy buena el recurso didactico.

  • Anonymous

    21 Aug 2014

    great information for first time people looking at making the decision

  • Brendon Gama

    20 Aug 2014

    Excelente curso, muito pontual com um conteúdo excelente e método de ensino eficaz. nota