Introduction to Virtualisation Part 1

Introduction to Virtualisation Part 1

By completing this free online virtualisation training you will gain an understanding of:

• The industry drivers behind virtualisation
• The levels of adoption of virtualisation
• What is meant by the term "virtual machine"
• The role the Hypervisor plays in virtual environments
• How virtualisation improves utilisation, efficiency, and business continuity
• The hardware and management tools that make Dell so competitive in virtualisation
• How you can receive support to plan for and implement virtualisation

If you would like to understand more after the module is completed, you can take Virtualisation Level 2 training by selecting it from the module menu on the left hand side of this page.



  • Anonymous

    22 Oct 2014

    Virtualization, it is certainly an option for small, medium and large companies ofcourse because cost reduction is large and saving natural resources is critical to prevent global warming.

  • Alberto Piña Cedillo

    20 Oct 2014

    Excelente material didactico

  • Rafael da Silva

    20 Oct 2014



    16 Oct 2014

    Curso muito bom, sem rodeios e fácil compreensão

  • Douglas Moraes

    13 Oct 2014

    Ótimo curso.

  • Grégory Leopoldie

    11 Oct 2014

    formation sur introduction à la virtualisation correct