Introduction to Virtualisation Part 1

Introduction to Virtualisation Part 1

By completing this free online virtualisation training you will gain an understanding of:

• The industry drivers behind virtualisation
• The levels of adoption of virtualisation
• What is meant by the term "virtual machine"
• The role the Hypervisor plays in virtual environments
• How virtualisation improves utilisation, efficiency, and business continuity
• The hardware and management tools that make Dell so competitive in virtualisation
• How you can receive support to plan for and implement virtualisation

If you would like to understand more after the module is completed, you can take Virtualisation Level 2 training by selecting it from the module menu on the left hand side of this page.




    16 Oct 2014

    Curso muito bom, sem rodeios e fácil compreensão

  • Douglas Moraes

    13 Oct 2014

    Ótimo curso.

  • Grégory Leopoldie

    11 Oct 2014

    formation sur introduction à la virtualisation correct

  • Sébastien Petit

    9 Oct 2014

    Très bonne initiative de la part de Dell de fournir ce genre de formation gratuitement

  • luisa merida

    9 Oct 2014

    muy buena

  • Anonymous

    8 Oct 2014

    I understood the very basics of virtualising, but now I feel much more ready to have an intelligent conversation about it.